Band skimmer designed for continuous work in API pools, oxidation pools, tanks, channels, etc. It removes the supernatants hydrocarbons in the oil industry as well as the general industry. All of the oil skimmers are rugged, reliable and low maintenance

Oleophilic absorbents for recovering and controlling oil spills with: Boom, Pads, Rolls, Spill Kits and Socks. Have excellent oil absorption capacity while repelling water ( oleophillic and hydrophobic) .

Emergency response on time for services as: oil spills, through the implementation of CDA (Environmental Defense Centers) and contingency´s plans for chemicals spills..

Elastec provides oil spill response systems and equipment training for energy companies. Equipment for handling and containing of oil spills, Skimmers, oil boom, fire boom, Boomvane, dispersant application system, storage tank vane deployment barriers.